Building Schools, Communities

and Lives

Who are we?

Solid Foundations is an education group with the vision of assisting each learner to discover and develop their gifts, enabling them achieve their true potential in life, by nurturing personal, academic, character and spiritual excellence.

We are passionate about disrupting education moving away from a factory based system, as we do not believe in a 'one size fits all' approach; we endeavour to be the very best at developing an individualised curriculum for each learner, who is enabled to take a proactive part in personalising their learning journey. Our learners often find it difficult to function in mainstream environments, yet thrive with our providers because of the inclusive nature of our approach.

Quality of education, perosnal development and learner experience is our primary goal - ensuring our provision and schools are expectional in delivery and outcomes.

Our Mission

Inspiring each learner to discover and develop their gifts, enabling them achieve their true potential, by nurturing personal, academic, character and spiritual excellence.

What We Offer?

The Education Group provides governance and professional services to our educational providers, keeping at the heart - a solid ethos, excellent leadership, educational quality, safety and wellbeing of stakeholders. We have pooled our resources to provide the best professional services, so our providers have access to structured processes, shared resources, unified policies, procedures and initiatives to maximise value for money and delivery.

Our collaborative approach allows each school to have their own identify, distinctive approach and ethos - working closely to share good practice, with mutual trust we appreciate the diversity of providers who nevertheless share the same values.

Our Commitment

Ensuring our schools and providers are expectional in delivery and outcomes - especially for learners and families who are usually hard to engage.

Effective Leadership

Dedicated to raising standards through the effective management of resources, investment in our staff and safeguarding of learners.

Professional Services

Enabling schools to function at a high level, managing services to allow practitioners to deliver excellence.



Implement operational ICT resources and a learner information system to better manage data, resources and risks.

Raising Standards

Raising academic standards so that all schools/providers are exceptional, providing a relevant and broad curriculum offer.

Blended Learning

Disrupting mainstream education through innovative ways to deliver the curriculum – e.g. blending learning, maximising on-line learning platforms.

Extending our offer

Extend our educational offer to engage more partners and learners, ensuring all schools are at full capacity, with a view to opening new schools in 2020.

Specialist Interventions

Offering respite placements for mainstream schools and a reintegration service for PRUs; engaging hard to reach learners and their families.

Learning for Life

Learners are prepared for life, as we inspire a love for learning, finding their passion to keep them engaged and motivated. We offer a Values-based education.